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Professional HR Solutions

Human Resources ROI has the expertise and resources to be your HR department by working with you to solve your people challenges, find and keep talented employees, develop your staff and leadership team, foster a healthy culture, and help to protect you from liability. Our goal is to provide a valuable return on your people investment, so you can focus your time and energy on your organization’s growth and success!

Custom services from individual projects to long-term partnership in these key organizational areas:

Employee Relations, Culture, & Engagement
Guidance addressing employee challenges and potential disciplinary issues, workplace investigations, conflict management, employee engagement & culture development, communications, and employee surveys & recognition programs.

Coaching, Training, & Development
Custom programs for staff, management, and executive-level coaching and development for leadership, proactive intervention, conflict management, and building accountability as well as core training on workplace harassment prevention to leadership training.

Legal Compliance & Policy Development
HR Audits to ensure federal and state compliance, training for administrators, office managers, and supervisors on applicable laws, and policy development, handbooks, and employee communications.

Performance Management & Succession Planning
Performance improvement plans, coaching on setting expectations, providing feedback, and developing accountability, documentation practice, job description writing, and development of quarterly and semi-annual review processes.

Compensation & Reward Strategies
Developing competitive, fair, and consistent pay practices using job analysis, market and competitor research, and creation of pay grade system.

Recruitment, Social Media, & Selection
Utilizing social media to creating an employer brand presence and source candidates, interviewing assistance and education with behavioral and situational structured interviews, and onboarding assistance for new employees.

Safety Compliance
Ensuring compliance with both OSHA and state Department of Labor requirements, including safety committee training, accident investigation, and workers’ compensation management.

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