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If any of the items below resonate with you, please contact us:

1) People challenges due to a lack of structure or less than ideal culture or you are just not sure…

2) A need for ongoing HR support from recruiting your talent to employee relations to much more. 

3) A need for formalization due to your growth from a handbook to job profiles to a performance evaluation program. 

4) A DOL compliance check from both the federal and state levels and help creating policies and/or safety programs to keep your organization violation free.

5) A need for legal training with your staff and managers to ensure a discrimination-free and harassment-free workplace.

6) Staff development needs from strategies with Millennials to leadership theory to preventing a toxic workplace.

7) Any other odd HR-related challenge that needs a solution!

Please call 603-766-4906, email: contact@hrroi.org, or complete the contact form below to schedule a complimentary discussion and breathe a sigh of relief!

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