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Future Implications

Future Implications

Every day, someone – whether an entrepreneur, marketer, IT engineer, or software developer – is working on future products, tools, platforms, medias, and services that directly relate to social media and how it will change the technical landscape for the rest of us.  It does not take much imagination to know that we have just scratched the surface of how technology and social media will be intertwined with businesses, non-profit organizations, governments, and society.

A large factor in these upcoming changes will be the up and coming generations, such as Generation Y (otherwise known as the Millennials) and even more so, Generation Z, and their likes, needs, and expectations.

I can foresee more protections being put into place in the form of regulatory ethical practices related to privacy, but I also foresee it being harder to protect the sacredness of privacy.  For example, an Inc.com article outlines five foreseeable social media developments, including a platform that allows your entire daily experience to be personalized to your likes, needs, and wants on your watch, phone, computer, and electronic media everywhere you go (Agrawal, 2015). Imagine having a completely customized experience each day and your first thought may depend on your level of privacy expectations.  You may find it an incredible time saver or you may feel that you are being manipulated.

As noted in the Inc.com article, a new company called, Insightfully, is testing predictive insights and analytics to give people the opportunity to foresee where they can add value to their network based on their network’s social data, with the aim of staying in touch with individuals they wouldn’t otherwise be in touch with, but which could foster a positive result.  

On an employer note, this future application could allow us to tailor our recruiting messages to the right mix of candidates with the knowledge, skill, and ability to be successful. People would be presented with job openings that meets their background and their future desirable career direction. In fact, it may be able to understand their potential before they even realize it and use that information to present messages to both the prospective employee and the prospective employer.  

From an HR standpoint, it sounds like a fantastic time saver with the likelihood of producing better candidate matches. Again, the matter of privacy, the potential for incomplete and/or incorrect data, and the very closely related ethical factor may be roadblocks to these types of advances.



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