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Professional Training & Development

With years of interactive training and development experience with diverse groups and industries and over 45 different customizable HR and Business-related subjects, we can help you effectively prevent legal complications, address current concerns, and be proactive with your workforce’s performance and career development. 

Here is a sample of our popular topics, which will be customized based on your industry’s challenges, with a flexible schedule at your location or at our Fleet Street and/or Pease Tradeport training locations.  

Best Employment Strategies with Millennials is geared towards anyone with responsibility for hiring and/or managing people in their organization. Working with multiple generations in the workforce does require an awareness of the distinct differences born out of the culture that each generation was raised in.  Millennials, also known as Gen Yers, are those individuals born around 1980 to 2000. In this workshop, we’ll discuss common qualities and the matching best management practices, including recruiting strategies.  Each of the management approaches also has the dual benefit of creating a respectful, rewarding, and enjoyable work environment for all generations.

DISC Profiling for Leaders, Management, Team Collaboration, and/or Sales Teams includes learning your own DISC style and how to identify others’ DiSC styles using behavioral cues. Discovering strengths and challenges, using influence and effective communicate for better results in your workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace  is focused on the benefits of maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment and specific ways to develop a culture that mirrors the values of your organization, particularly the key leadership role and well-communicated policies.  There is an additional focus on the harmful effects of exclusion including the impact on productivity, engagement, creativity, morale, and costly turnover, particularly of high-performing employees, as well as the risk of discrimination and/or harassment claims. 

Employment Law Application to Real Cases is designed to cover each of the major employment laws of today with real cases that violated those laws and resulted in significant employer legal expenses and damages.  We’ll focus on what went wrong and how you can prevent following in their footsteps using your own industry as the example.

Engaging (or Re-engaging) Your Workforce is about the best practices for connecting with your employees, communicating, finding your employees’ passion, being the leader people want to follow, and developing the culture that inspires 110% effort at work.

Harassment-Free Workplace for Employees & for Supervisors is about current legal risks, employer challenges, impact on organizations, examples of harassment and policies, expectations of conduct, written complaint procedures, and the key leadership role of management.

Managing Social Media & Your Employer Brand is an interactive discussion about what you can do to gain a competitive advantage in hiring and retaining the best employees for your organization, why you need social media, what the average person can do with social media, and how to use it to create an employer brand that complements your desired culture.

Managing Workers’ Comp in NH is a session which focuses on the elements of workers’ compensation in NH, legal causation and medical causation with real case examples and application, reporting procedures and forms, types of benefits, TAD, and employer obligations through the whole process with a goal of legal compliance and minimized risk.

Resolving Conflict & Making It Work for You is focused on addressing conflict with confidence and turning it into a positive for you as a leader and for your team and organization. Conflict can be a monkey on your back that impedes your goals and creates daily frustration, but it can also be a catalyst for change and a way to create a stronger culture.

Social Intelligence is an interactive session delving into your self and social-awareness, active communication skills, ability to read others, and the desire to positively manage your social context.

Strategies for Preventing the Toxic Workplace is an interactive discussion about the best recruiting practices, onboarding & setting expectations, coaching for the best performance, developing a desirable culture, and proactively addressing concerns before they rise to the level that interferes with your organization’s success. Each of these practices is geared towards preventing a toxic environment and promoting the best workplace.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” ~Benjamin Franklin 

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